Nothing scares me anymore
я делаю такое цитирование не чаще чем раз в год настало такое время

“Do I just ruin all of your things?”
“Yes,” Dan answered but then looked at him with an expression that still made Phil’s stomach do a flip after all these years. “You ruin everything, Phil.”


"You’ve ruined me," Dan said. "You’ve made everything else boring. I can’t… do you know how annoying I am these days? They’re going to tape my mouth shut if I say your name one more time."

"How is calling me less annoying?" Phil laughed. "Are they right there?"

"No, I’m outside. It’s freezing and I don’t have gloves. See how difficult you’ve made my life?" Dan lifted his face to the sky and closed his eyes.

"I’d hold your hands if I was there. Keep them warm."


“Tell me a story about us.”

“Us?” Phil asked.

Dan nodded and moved his head closer so that their noses touched. Phil took a deep breath. He knew why Dan was upset. The past few days had been perfect and he didn’t want Dan to leave any more than he wanted to go back home.

Phil wondered if he should retreat into fantasy. They could be vampires, or fighting off an alien invasion, or cave explorers in Antarctica. Then he thought about Dan blinking back tears on the train the next morning and he couldn’t let himself give in like that. Dan deserved more. He wanted to give him more.

“We’re going to live together one day.”


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