Nothing scares me anymore
Когда нашла своего соулмейта :heart:

As Ford walked, he nearly tripped over an inert steel figure lying face down in the cold dust.

”Marvin!” he exclaimed. ”What are you doing?”
”Don’t feel you have to take any notice of me, please,” came a muffled
”But how are you, metalman?” said Ford.
”Very depressed.”
”What’s up?”
”I don’t know,” said Marvin, ”I’ve never been there.”
”Why,” said Ford squatting down beside him and shivering, ”are you
lying face down in the dust?”
”It’s a very effective way of being wretched,” said Marvin. ”Don’t pretend
you want to talk to me, I know you hate me.”
”No I don’t.”
”That ship hated me,” he said dejectedly, indicating the policecraft.
”That ship?” said Ford in sudden excitement. ”What happened to it?
Do you know?”
”It hated me because I talked to it.”
”You talked to it?” exclaimed Ford. ”What do you mean you talked to
”Simple. I got very bored and depressed, so I went and plugged myself in
to its external computer feed. I talked to the computer at great length and
explained my view of the Universe to it,” said Marvin.
”And what happened?” pressed Ford.
”It committed suicide,” said Marvin and stalked off back to the Heart of

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